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Eric Swanson


Eric was born in September of 1981 in Chicago, IL and his entire life has been spent engrossed in stories. Growing up in a Minneapolis, MN suburb, Eric developed a deep appreciation for stories with a wide scope. From being frightened by Stephen King’s IT to being enthralled by Orson Scott Card’s Ender Wiggin stories, the written word of others grabbed Eric and often refused to let go… Even after he finished the first reading of a book. Several of his personal copies of favorite novels have endured many many readings.

From an early age, Eric was a fan of all things science fiction with a leaning toward the dystopian and post-apocalyptic. The future fascinates Eric to no end, be that a realistic or wild-eyed and far-fetched future. While he annually binges Battlestar Galactica (04), he dreams of worlds, people and happenings yet to be written.


Eric lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, two children and a pair of Goldendoodles. They sometimes Tweet for him.

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